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William Inge’s Come Back, Little Sheba (1950) seems to owe much to the plays of his friend and mentor (and probable sex partner) Tennessee Williams—and in particular to 1944’s The Glass Menagerie. For instance, when Inge’s protagonist, Lola Delaney, busily readies her home to welcome the long-distance boyfriend of her young boarder, Marie, it recalls …Read more

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After reading the stage play of "Come Back, Little Sheeba," I realized that this screenplay was a superb adaptation. Shirley Booth is absolutely letter perfect in her performance .there is not a single moment of less than perfect pitch as far as where she needs to bring her character at any given moment in the film.

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"If casting is 90 percent of direction, the new production of "Come Back, Little Sheba" that opened last night at the Biltmore Theatre is a direction disaster." & "Merkerson is a gifted actress. Broadway should welcome her back in practically anything she chose.

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Come Back, Little Sheba was written by William Inge. A couple of aspects for which the play is known is its depiction of the Midwest as well as a portrait of ordinary lives of characters for whom anyone can r Growing up in the fifties I could not help but be aware of Come Back, Little Sheba.

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No, the lonely midwestern housewifes beloved little dog Sheba will never come back. But, the play for which it was named has at long last come back to Broadway, with an outstanding cast and the shabby two-story house as specified in William Inges stage directions lovingly recreated by James Noone.

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A movie version of the play by William Inge, COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA is the story of "Doc" and "Lola" Delaney -- a sadly aging couple whose attention seems drawn undistractably to lost dreams and failed ambitions. A grim and cold recovering alcoholic, Doc seems only able to numb the pain of his black-and-white existence with drink.

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The Broadway legit success, Come Back, Little Sheba, has become a potent piece of screen entertainment. The production is faithful to the William Inge play. Shirley Booth has the remarkable gift

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Come Back, Little Sheba is a faithful reproduction of the stage play, together with its assets and liabilities. Jul 24, 2019 | Full Review…

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"Come Back, Little Sheba" is a picture that will sneak up on you as you watch it. At first, it seems a bit mundane---perhaps even a bit dull. And, youll most likely become annoyed with the wife. However, as the film slowly unfolds you suddenly see that it is brilliant--brilliantly written as well as acted.

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Playing mostly no-nonsense characters in her award winning television career, Ms. Merkerson is an accomplished stage actor as well, and she is riveting in William Inges 1950 play, "Come Back, Little Sheba." It is even more amazing to see this sturdy actress transform herself before our very eyes, into the frumpy, repressed housewife, Lola.

Broadway: Come Back, Little Sheba, Review, Drama, Biltmore

Thanks to Producer Hal Wallis and Director Daniel Mann, who had the good sense not to tamper too much with the original play of William Inge, the screen version of "Come Back, Little Sheba," which

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