lg k8 come fare screenshot

How to take screenshot on LG K8 | how2screenshot.com The LG K8 has a handy feature: you can make a screenshot and write it directly through QMemo +. To do this, follow the guide: Since the Home button (the little house at the bottom, center), made an upward movement and stop on QMemo + Your screenshot is captured: now you can write to it.
LG K8 2017 Screenshot o Captura De Pantalla 💻 HD - YouTube This guide shows you how to take a screenshot on your LG K8 4G Android 6.0. - Worldmanuals.WebCore.Projections.Device (Android 6.0)
Take screenshot on your LG K8 4G Android 6.0 - Device help Come fare uno screenshot con LG K8 le istruzioni per salvare la schermata sul LG K8 e condividerla con amici su Whatsapp Twitter e facebook Come fotografare lo schermo sul LG K8 catturare lo schermo sul LG K8 la guida per portare il contenuto dello schermo in un file immagine.
LG K8 come fare Screenshot - allmobileworld.it Capture a Screenshot - LG K8 V. You can also capture a screenshot by accessing the Notification Panel and tapping Capture+ and the Check mark icon then selecting which folder to store the image in. To view the screenshot youve taken, navigate: Gallery > Screenshots. These viewing instructions apply to Standard mode only.
Come fare uno screenshot con LG K8 - GuideSmartPhone lg k8 come fare screenshot Come cosa ma di imparare a fare uno screenshot sul vostro LG K8. Si perché uno screenshot vi può servire in tanti modi. Si, vi può servire per salvare una foto, una pagina web, un record con un gioco e poi condividere l’immagine con un collega o amico.
LG K8 V - Capture a Screenshot | Verizon Wireless lg k8 come fare screenshot Screenshots can be taken at LG K8, depending on the model, by pressing "Volume Down" + "Power On", and saved in the "Screenshot" folder of the gallery after a short sound and visual effect. In some devices that use Android modified perhaps in your LG K8; the combination of buttons and storage location may vary.

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