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Placing items a short distance from home that retain your scent or that of your home might alert your kitty’s memory and help her find her way back. it was clear that she had come out from

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Just seen this and hope by now your cat has come home. I really didnt think id see my baby again but since I got her home Ive helped out with looking for lost cats and reuniting found ones with their owners and it is amazing how many of them do this when it is completely out of character for them and come home wondering what all the fuss is

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how far can cats travel back to thier original home? by Alice (Whitstable) My father is moving to spain and has a six year old cat, me and my partner brought the cat to live with us but we accidently left the back door open one evening and she went out.

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Will My Cat Come Back? nothing is needed to be done as they are close to their home and will easily smell you and be able to find its way back home. To encourage the process to be done quicker, just as you would anywhere else, place some food out and put your pee somewhere near it to keep other animals away. My kitty hasn’t come back

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Cats are known for being very independent pets so many cat owners are quite happy to allow them to freely roam their neighbourhood. For most owners they will find that their cat comes back every night and does this quite happily all it’s life without ever going missing or disappearing for more than a few hours. However it is unfortunately not true that cats will always come back home.

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If your cat is lost, there are several things that you can do to guide him or her back home. Place your cats litter box near your front or back door. Cats can smell their litter box from miles away. Also, place strong/pungent smelling food, such as tuna or salmon outside. If your cat is hungry, he/she will be looking and smelling for food.

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It has happened several times, some accounts have been recorded with cats traveling through states to get back to their first home. Safety First To keep your pet safe and notify others that it has a home, your cat should always have a name tag with a number on it.

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Home; Back to top Lost Pet Advice: Common Scenarios of Lost Cats. One of the challenges of being a pet parent to a loving feline is the need to frequently answer one important question: “Where is my cat?” If you have an indoor cat and access to windows and doors is pretty limited, you don’t need to stress too much over the cat’s sudden

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Many people have success by leaving their garage cracked open. Cats really seem to prefer sneaking home that way and will sit on the interior step and scratch or meow. I mention to folks that it’s pretty rare that a cat will come when called or by shaking treats which is why we need to appeal to their sense of smell to attract them home.

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There are four scenarios to consider: 1. Your cat got lost, and can’t find its way home. This scenario is likely if you’ve recently moved house, and the cat’s inbuilt ‘GPS’ hasn’t fully reprogrammed to the new location. In this case, let’s hope th

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A cat that is new to your home is less likely to feel a sense of belonging and so you may want to exercise caution when letting a new pet outdoors until it is used to your property. A cat that is familiar with its surroundings is more likely to return when it gets hungry or tired.

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What Are the Chances of a Lost Cat Returning Home? Sometimes he may come back on his own after hes done a little site-seeing. Getting your cat spayed or neutered will help curb his desire to roam and establish a territory. Video of the Day . Brought to you by Cuteness.

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